Feb 2 – Jewelry

As a young kid I used to help out with things at my church all the time. My favourite thing was helping my grandma and Mrs. Elsie run the monthly seniors’ tea that our church put on for the seniors in our community. I would go early and help set tables and fold napkins. We would set out plates of fruits and veggies and cookies. Around lunch time, Mrs. Elsie would order pizza and we’d all eat and laugh and drink sherbert punch. Then the afternoon was spent serving coffee and tea and smiling and laughing. On Sundays Mrs. Elsie would give me a hug and say hello – it was almost always the highlight of my week. She adopted me as one of her own and made me feel special and loved. When I was ten years old my family moved away for a year and while we were gone I got news that Mrs. Elsie had passed away. I cried pretty hard and felt like a hole had been blown in my chest. But as I grew over that year, I grieved and learned to be grateful for the time I had had with her and the things that she had taught me. In May 2005 I moved back home and I was at my Grandma’s house when she walked out of her room with something in her hands. She handed me a little frame with a picture of Mrs. Elsie in it and a little box with a necklace in it. I opened it up and looked at it. It was a small gold heart-shaped locket with an ‘E’ engraved on the front of it. It was dented and bent and very clearly worn and well-loved. The chain was all tangled, but it was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. I still have never worn it, but every now and then I look in the box at that old tangled necklace and I think about Mrs. Elsie and the fun we had when I was younger and she was with me.


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