Feb 5 – Frame It

Write a poem or some phrases that would make for good wall art in your home.

Do you suppose she is a wildflower?

This isn’t something that I created, but it’s probably one of the only things I would ever want on my walls. I’m not big on pictures and frames and crowded walls. But this little phrase from Alice in Wonderland has always struck a bit of a cord with me. For starters, I love wildflowers and if I could live in the middle of a flowering field, I would. Also, no flowers are exactly the same – they have the same basic structure, but no two buds are exactly alike, kinda like people. I also think that wildflowers are incredibly resilient. No body plants them to trims them or takes care of them, yet they grow rapidly like garden flowers rarely can. They are exposed to the harshest weather and most often come out the other side, though they maybe missing a petal here or there. They are not sheltered from the elements, instead they have adapted to use those elements to improve their survival. So when I think about wildflowers, I think of their strength and their sheer will to survive, all the while they are beautiful and elegant. I like to think that I am strong and beautiful and that I too can withstand the tests of my environment.

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