Feb 6 – Puzzles

Every year around Christmas, my mother will come home with a new puzzle for us to takeover the dining room table with. Though none of us opt to do puzzles in our spare time usually, there is something about doing one at Christmas that just makes it feel right. Some times all of us sit around the table and work on it, or other times, it can be an escape for one or two people when they want to find a quieter spot in the house. There is something so absolutely satisfying about fitting pieces together and seeing a picture come into focus. I find it rather therapeutic and when holidays are busy and family starts to drive you crazy, it’s nice to sit around a table and work together to make a picture come together. Puzzles are a lot like families as well, full of odd shapes, no one thing the same, but when they work together and find their fit, it really is a beautiful picture. Maybe that’s why people like puzzles so much, because they remind us that we are made to fit with others and, when we work with others, life becomes much more beautiful.

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