Feb 7 – Fire-starter

There are many ways that you can start a fire. In my 21 years I have seen countless fires started in various fun and terrifying ways. My family has always had an affinity for the flammable and as young girl, I felt very little fear for flames. Candles weren’t for scents, they were to test if you could run your fingers through their tiny flames without getting burned. Fireworks weren’t for a beautiful light display, they were there to create greater explosions – especially when placed inside old toys, particularly Elmo. Camp fires were for much more than boiling water and cooking bacon; you could place this in the grill grate and see how they reacted to flames. Styrofoam melts in a soothingly smooth way. White paper browns before it bursts into flame. Fresh leaves will smoke exceedingly before they to succumb to the crispiness of the fire. Dry sticks will burn quickly and it’s best to not try to see how long you can hold on to one end while the other is eaten by flame. Just as there are many things that burn in many ways, there are an endless amount of methods to start such fires. You could spend approximately seven hours attempting to rub two sticks together, only to be corrected by a parks officer who can create fire that way in a matter of minutes. You could try to make a smoke bomb in an aluminum can, only to very nearly burn the shed down. You could fill a pipe with black powder and ignite it before throwing it into a fridge, only to very lamely sever the door from its hinges. You could douse a summer couch in gasoline and lay on the hood of your truck while you watch the past few months go up in smoke. All of these are way you COULD start a fire…but by no means would I encourage you to do so. 😉


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