Feb 8 – Coffee & Tea

Are you a tea person, or more of a coffee drinker? This is a question I have come to struggle with greatly over the past few years. I grew up disliking coffee and considered myself a coffee-hater by the young age of 14. I was determined to not give in to the popular opinion that coffee is the substance of the gods and that it is what we are given in order to function as proper humans. I discovered loose leaf tea along with my mother and we began an addiction that would later get me labelled as ‘The Tea Lady’. However, at the age of 16 I found myself working part-time at a local coffee-shop with access to all the free coffee I could ever want. Cue the coffee addiction right here. As my hours at the coffee shop increased, so did my desire for and dependence upon that dark brown liquid that I once loathed so completely. In a six-hour shift, I could knock back five or six cups and barely be phased, that is, until I discovered espresso shots. A friend and I began to see how many espresso shots we could do on a shift whenever we worked together. On our last shift I think we did a total of six or seven before I went home with shaky hands and heart palpitations. From that night on, I began to swear off coffee and turn back towards my tea. I moved to Australia for six months and managed to avoid coffee mostly, sticking mainly to chai lattes at cafes and my own supply of loose leaf when I was home. By the time I moved back home, my mom had become a tea consultant for a home-based business and had accumulated a rather extravagant collection of organic teas. Our tea obsession was taken to another level. That being said, upon my arrival back at home, I started working at the aforementioned coffee shop again. The coffee began to flow, but very minimally as I remained true to my affinity for tea. Months went by and I barely drank any coffee. Green tea became my new fixation. One day, I found myself back in the land of Australia – known for is rich – both in flavour and expense – coffee culture. I finally decided to taste the bitter nectar of the gods once more and there my life was forever changed. I had finally tasted the perfect cup of coffee and was finally convinced that I do like coffee, maybe even love it. I remained in Australia for a few years and constantly surrounded by good coffee, yet I had a rather massive personal tea collection at home. While my tastes and preferences changed and grew, I realized something that never thought was possible at the bitter age of 14: I’m a tea person, but I’m also a coffee person.

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