Feb 11 – Warehouse

Write about being inside an old abandoned warehouse.

I find this topic rather funny and if you have ever been to YWAM Newcastle you may understand why. ‘The Warehouse’ is the office building for the organization and I often felt like I lived there during my time in Australia. I spent my work days there and often my spare time as well. It was there that I learned to truly challenge myself. There that I discovered that I struggle with stress and anxiety when I don’t take care of myself. There that I learned that it’s okay to say ‘no’. There that I felt community and togetherness more than I have anywhere else in the entire world. But I suppose I can’t give the building itself all the credit for those things, for it really was the people within it that really changed my life. When we first obtained the building, it was in every definition an old abandoned warehouse. At one point it had been an old car workshop, but over the years it became a place for people to gather and grow and build relationships and community. There were walls built, floors ground down, shipping containers installed that later became offices. Over the years it went from abandoned and dirty to filled with life and plenty of laughter. But it still was never about the building itself – it has always been about the people. The people are the ones who bring the joy and hope and safety that this places is absolutely brimming with. People that I miss very dearly and would give almost anything to see right now.


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