Feb 16 – Light Switch

Write about coming out of the dark and seeing the light.

What lead me to the house on the corner of Colony St. I couldn’t tell you, for I do not know. I was driven there, compelled almost, by a haunting sense in my mind that there I would find the answers I was looking for. Addy had been missing for months, but I still had the feeling that she was close. Maybe it was my denial that my sister could be gone, but there was something inside me that constantly told me that she was okay and she was close. Looking back now, I can see that the feelings that steered me down streets and around corners weren’t entirely my own, but how I felt them, I cannot explain.

The windows were dark as I stood and stared from the sidewalk. The house had never seemed scary to me despite the stories that were told of it; there was a deep sense of curiosity that I had always felt for the Colony House. So when I found myself on the front steps I wasn’t entirely surprised that I had finally made my way to the peculiar house that had preoccupied my mind since childhood. With creaking steps I pushed open the door that had long since lost its ability to lock. For being old and uninhabited it was in surprisingly good condition inside. I reached for the light switch by force of habit, but, unsurprisingly, there was no response to the flick of said switch. Cursing myself for not bring a flashlight, I continued on into utter blackness, still entirely unaware of what I was really looking for.

I knew that Addy wouldn’t be here, she had hated this house since we were little – she always was the skittish one. But there was still that tugging in my head that said that there was something here that I needed to find. I felt my way through decayed doorways and past fractured furniture. The darkness began to feel unending and consuming as I couldn’t see anything around me. The only sound was my shuffling feet and the creaking boards beneath them. The pull in my heart moved my onwards and I shuffled further and further into the Colony House – with every step I took the darkness grew thicker, almost tangible.

My toes my contact with what seemed to be stairs and I let myself wander up them despite the probability that I would fall through them and plummet to my inevitable death in this abandoned house. A whispered murmur caught my ear as I made my way to the second floor and with every step the noise began to build. Voices layered over voices and the sound of a muffled crowd reached me as I breached the top step. On the floor in front of my feet I saw a small streak of light piercing through the pitch black hallway. As I grew closer, the murmuring increased into a cacophony, but somehow the noise was inside my head. The stream of light was coming through a door that was slightly ajar, i brushed my fingers against the handle and felt the door shudder on its hinges. As I urged the door open the light became glaringly bright and blinded me as I tried to glimpse inside this room.

“Lucy?” I heard her voice come out of the light inside this room. “Lucy, help me. Please, I can’t get out.”

I could hear my sister’s pleading and fear in her voice and I didn’t hesitate one second.

I took a step forward through the doorway and was swallowed whole by the light within, unsuspecting of what would happen.

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