Feb 17 – The Stars

Take inspiration from the night sky.

I went on a road trip over the past few days and I came upon some dreadful weather that made me think a lot about things in my head. It was about 7 o’clock pm and that meant that, in the winter in northern Canada, it was completely dark outside. It was also when the snow began. I was in a car with two of my good friends and we were on our way back from a girl’s shopping trip we had taken to celebrate their reading week break. We were all rather tired and very ready to get home to our own beds and get out of the blasted car. So when the flurries of white came rushing down, we were none too thrilled about it. We pushed on through the snow only to be faced with stronger wind and thicker snowfalls, soon enough there was little to no visibility out the windshield of the car. With the high-beams blazing, we slowly cut our way through drifts of snow that had accumulated over the past hours. The driver kept her eyes on the road and the passenger kept an eye out for oncoming traffic and the edge of the road. All hands were on deck to be aware of the obscured surroundings. It was overwhelming to look out the front window only to be able to see and rush of white dots flying towards us at full speed. It was interesting though, when my friend turned her high-beams off, it actually became easier to see through the snow. No longer were we looking at the entire storm we were in, but we were focused in front of us. It reminded me a bit of my own mind; so often I get overwhelmed when I look at the broad picture of what I want to do and accomplish. It’s so easy for me to be crushed under the pressure of having to get hings done or do things right. But when I break things down and focus on today and right now, with the knowledge of the long-term in the back of my mind, it gets much easier. I need to be aware of the storm and understand where I need to go to get through it, but I can’t look at the whole thing and expect to know how to change the weather. All I can do is move a few feet further everyday and know that one day, the skies will be much clearer.

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