Feb 26 – Alarm Clock

Write about waking up.

I was alone in my bathroom heaving over the toilet. I was expecting to see the disgusting half digested dinner make its way out of my mouth but instead I was surprised when the thick red substance poured out instead. Blood ran freely from my mouth and nose as I spasmed and withered on the cold tile floor. In that moment I realized that this would be where it all ends. In a frightful peace I laid down on the tile and let myself die.

I jerked awake with a cold shiver running through my body. I was breathing heavily and has a layer of sweat all over me. It was just a dream. I thought to myself. I was fine. I was safe. I wasn’t dying. I laid my head back against the pillow hoping to find comfort and solace beneath my covers. I felt dizzy and restless and hot. So incredibly hot. I must have been burning up. With fumbled footsteps I swung myself off my bed and made it to my bathroom. I ran the tap with water as cold as it would get and splashed some on my face. Instead of a refreshing sting I was hoping to receive from the water I felt another wave of heat and nausea hit me. My body began to quiver and the floor and walls began to spin before my eyes. I fell towards the toilet and felt my stomach wrench. With hesitant eyes I looked into the toilet and saw that my dream was no longer just a dream.


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