Mar 1 – Handle With Care

Write about a very fragile or delicate object.

The tea-cup sat on the second highest shelf of the tall China cabinet that sat in the dining room. Rosie was absolutely in love with that tea cup. It had been passed down from woman to woman in her mom’s family and she knew that one day it would be her’s. It was a soft white, not glaringly bright, but dulled over time with use and it had the most delicate pattern of roses trimming the top of it. The colours of a deep red and forest green danced along the white giving it a look of elegance that simply took Rosie’s breath away when she looked at it. At seven years old, there was nothing more special to her than that cup that sat on the China cabinet. Some times when her and Mom were having tea, her mom would take it down and let her use it as long as she promised to be careful. She wasn’t allowed to walk with it, but had to hold it tightly while she was sitting at the table. Whenever any of her friends came over she made sure to walk them past the China cabinet and show off her beloved tea cup. As Rosie grew up, she began to forget about the beautiful cup that sat there day in and day out. She would catch a glance of it every now and again and remember how beautiful it really was. Years continued to fly by and Rosie graduated from school and moved out on her own. One day she was even married to man she loved so very much. She all but forgot about the tea cup that used to consume so much of her affection. Rosie had a baby girl of her own and cherished her above absolutely anything else. A few years later, Rosie’s mom got quite sick so she went to visit her with her precious daughter. Jessie ran inside to her grandma and wrapped her tiny little arms around her as she was swept onto the chair to snuggle with her grandma. Rosie stood at the door and watched as the two most precious females in her life shared such a special moment together. How had she managed to get so lucky? Among the giggles coming from the dining room, something caught the little girl’s eye. With a dramatic sigh she breathlessly asked, “Grandma, can I use that cup? It’s so pretty.” Rosie broke out of her moment of reverie to look at that tea cup, still sitting in all it’s glory as it had for her entire life. Tears began to sting her eyes as she thought about how little time she had spent here in the past few years and how little time she had left with the incredible women she called Mom. “That one is for your mommy, sweetheart.” With brimming eyes her mom looked at Rosie. It was time to pass the beautiful cup from one generation to the next and, in that moment, Rosie had never wanted to refuse that cup so much.


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