Mar 2 – Drama

Write about a time when you got stuck in between two parties fighting with each other.

I’ve always been one to pick sides. I tend to identify with people rather closely and choose them over others. Or I often charge ahead without getting the whole story. It’s not very often that I find myself caught between two different sides of an argument or fight. However, lately I feel as if that is what is happening to me. The conflict itself isn’t what I want to talk about, but this feeling of having a foot in both fields is what seems to be distressing me. You see, the problem is between someone I love very much and something that I believe in very much, well, something that I used to believe in intensely. Initially I only heard the side of the one I love and I was instantly filled with anger and bitterness about this ridiculous dispute. It was so easy to just be filed with rage and close my hears and heart off to anything positive about the opposing side. But little by little I’ve heard more from across the line and, while my stance is still firmly with my family, I can’t help but understand that there has been miscommunication and misrepresentation. I believe that there have been faults on both sides, but that the effort made to make amends has failed in every attempt. So I find myself on a side, yet again, first by a blind decision, but now by choice. I choose to stand with those who I care about through difficult circumstances because I’ve realized something very important. You don’t have to be stand AGAINST anything to stand FOR something.


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