Mar 3 – Slip Up

Write about making mistakes.

I have a love hate relationship with mistakes. You see, I absolutely hate making mistakes because they make me feel like I’m not good enough. Not smart enough or strong enough. I hate being reminded of my own inadequacy. However, I look back at the mistakes I’ve made in my life and see that those are the areas that I’ve grown the most in. I’ve broken hearts and broken laws and I’ve learned from the error in my ways. I’ve learned that true friends will stand the test of stupid decisions. I’ve learned that marijuana won’t take away your problems, just hides them until tomorrow. I’ve learned that money doesn’t grow on trees and that credit card debt is a bitch. I guess you could say that I tend to earn things the hard way and, while that is usually painful and exhausting, I’m thankful. Thankful that, though I hurt people and myself along the way, I’ve made mistakes because those mistakes have made me who I am today and, I must say, I quite like who I am.


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