Mar 4 – Spice

Write about flavors and tastes or a favorite spice of yours.

Reaching up to the tallest shelf I grabbed my most treasured herbs. I cautiously open each jar as the scent explodes from each one. I inhale deeply the curry scented air as it brings new feeling to my body and bones. Memories rush by of busy streets and smiling faces. Haggling over prices and sharing cups of chai. Seeing the mountains of turmeric and chile powder piled high at vendors throughout the market. As a young girl I never understood the love that I would develop for the culture that I was so deeply immersed in for what, at the time, felt like the longest year of my life. The chaos that surrounded me then would become fond memories held dearly by a future version of myself. And when my memories grew faint and far away, I could always look to the spice cupboard for a reminder of the country I hold so dear.


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