Mar 6 – Telephone

Write about a phone call you recently received.

The person that I call the most would probably be my mother. I tend to resort to calling her before anything else when I’m in need of help. I could be out grocery shopping and need to know if this is actually a good price for something. Or I could be cooking and need to know what to substitute oatmeal for when making meatballs. These are both things that have definitely happened. For about three years I didn’t live in the same country as most of family and that meant that I only got to see my mother once or twice a year whenever I came home to visit. In that time, phone calls became a lifeline for me. I usually talked to my mom every other day or so and talked to her about everything and nothing. Some times I’d call her crying because I had a hard day, or I’d ring her up with a few friends and we’d all giggle and chat together. But, I have to say, my favourite phone calls were the ones about absolutely nothing. When I’d call her just to tell her what I was doing that day, or she’d call me to tell me about a movie she really liked. Despite time differences that seemed impossible to work around with others, my mother and I always made it work. It never seemed hard to get a hold of her. She always answered the phone, even just to tell me she couldn’t talk now, but she’d call me back in a few minutes. Now that I’ve moved back home and I’m living in the same home as her, we seem to talk more than we ever used to. We chat in the morning while we get ready for our days. we giggle at night when we’re both loopy from tiredness. we call each other when we’re not around to remind them about something. Some people find parents overbearing and try to distance themselves from family as they get older, but I will forever be grateful that my mother is always only a phone call away.

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