Mar 8 – Dollhouse

Write a poem or short story from the viewpoint of someone living in a doll house.

Little Sally Shoe was small as can be
Three inches tall with miniature feet
She lived in a box that used to store shoes
It took me a while to follow the clues
A tiny sock here and a hairbrush there
When I happened upon her, I gave her a scare
I followed tiny footprints through some flour on the floor
I found her small box with a window and a door
I laid on the ground and tapped oh so lightly
Her face appeared and she smiled so brightly
Sally said she had been waiting for ages for me
Said she wondered when the hints she left would finally be seen
Sally was lonely, you see, all alone and so small
By herself in her box with no one to call
I too was alone, singular and sad
I asked if we’d be friends and she said she’d be glad
Now Sally and I are friends and so happy
We bake miniature food and watch movies oh so sappy
We while away days with laughter and food
Wondering how our loves have become so good


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