Mar 12 – Famous Artwork

Choose a famous painting and write about it.

Van Gogh’s Starry Night has always been a favourite of mine. The deep blues and bright yellows have a tendency to catch my eye. The feeling of strolling down streets lit only by the stars is one of peace and quiet. While I also seem to see a sadness in those dark colours. A sense of loneliness and solitude. Like that peace and quiet isn’t quite what you’re searching for. To be honest I don’t think that painting have much to be interpreted, as I can look at it today, yet see something else entirely tomorrow. Paintings remind me that it isn’t really how things are in the world, but it’s the lenses of our lives that we look through to see it. We see things based on what we feel and our past experiences. But that isn’t exactly how they may be in reality. That is the beauty of humanity isn’t it? To see the world how we choose to see it. To see beauty in the sadness and hope in the pain.


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