Mar 9 – Random Wikipedia Article

Go to Wikipedia and click on Random Article. Write about whatever the page you get.

Random Article:

It 5am on a Monday morning and I was waiting. Again. I feel like this whole trip had been one long wait. Waiting for flights to leave LA. Waiting for the flight to get to Beijing. Waiting to in an office to talk to my interviewee. Waiting for the interview to be over. And now I’m waiting at Wuchang Railway Station waiting to get back to Beijing and wait for my flight back to LA. This opportunity had been my first big break since joining ‘The Daily Read’ almost three years ago. I had started as the office coffee girl and moved up through the ranks to finally get the job I wanted: Author Reporter. Basically I was getting paid to read books and talk to authors about their writing. I got to fly all over the world and meet tons of people and go to fancy parties. At least that’s how I thought it would be until I found myself waiting in an office two days ago trying to scrape together something – ANYTHING – from my interview for my piece for the website. The interview had gone horribly and the author wouldn’t answer any of the question that I had been sent to ask. Throw in a lot of jet lag and some intense culture shock and you have probably one of the hardest weeks I’ve ever experienced. Was this what it was always going to be like? Would I always be in a rush to wait?

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