Mar 15 – Caught Red-Handed

Write about being caught doing something embarrassing.

Jane was about two and a half years old the first time she got caught with her hands in the cookie jar on the kitchen counter. She found that she simply had to know what the jar contained and was overly delighted to find an abundance of cookies inside. When her father walked in to see that she had managed to push a chair to the counter and climb up to the cookie jar, he became aware that it was time to take extra measures to keep Baby Jane off the counters. Little did he know that the puzzle of figuring out how to get onto the counter was more of an appeal to the little tyke than the cookies themselves. Jane had long known that when she was told “NO” while touching something, she was not supposed to touch it again. However, now that she had realized that the firms “NO”s simply kept her from trying new fun things, she was set out to break all the “NO”s. She thought through things more cleverly than anyone would ever assume a little infant could, but that gave her the incredible element of surprise. The cookie jar had awakened a deep desire in her that every child finds at one point in their life. Some don’t discover it until they are a bit older – maybe five or six years or – some don’t find it until later still. But this simple desire was something that Jane could not ignore: The desire to break all the rules. And thus began, her terrible twos.

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